NJ Woman Could Get 10 Years On Texting-While-Driving Charge

File photo; Jason Lawrence, CC BY 2.0

Nov 23, 2019

(CNN) Alexandra Mansonet, 50, faces five to 10 years in prison after a New Jersey jury on Friday found her guilty of vehicular homicide.

Monsonet was texting and driving when her Mercedes-Benz rear ended a Toyota Corolla — which then fatally struck 39-year-old pedestrian Yuwen Wang, according to the prosecutor.

“This is the first trial in Monmouth County that relied solely on cell phone use to establish recklessness in a Vehicular Homicide case,” prosecutors said in a statement Saturday. “We believe it is one of — if not — the first such trials in the state.”

At the time of the collision, the driver of the Corolla had stopped for pedestrians in a crosswalk, prosecutors said.

Prosecutors determined that Mansonet was “using her cellular telephone while driving and made no observations” of the Corolla.

“Mansonet never activated her brakes and collided with the vehicle, causing it to cast forward and strike the victim,” according to the prosecutor.

Wang was transported to a hospital, where she died … Read more.