NIH Director Shares His Journey Of Faith

Caring for terminally ill patients had a profound impact …


The director of the National Institutes of Health revealed in a recent interview that confronting death sparked his journey from atheism to Christianity.

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Dr. Francis Collins was nominated by President Barack Obama as Director of the National Institutes of Health and unanimously confirmed by the U.S. Senate. He was sworn in on August 7, 2009.

Dr. Francis Collins, NIH director and leader of the Human Genome Project, recounted to Bloomberg’s David Rubenstein how facing the reality of death and the questions it posed during his third year at medical school led him to become a Christian.

The conversation revealed that Collins initially settled on agnosticism and then shifted toward atheism before ultimately placing his faith in Jesus Christ.

Collins said that his spiritual journey began in college where he first confronted differing ideas about the possibilities of a spiritual reality.

“Got to college, you know, those conversations in the dorm about ‘what do people believe,’ and I didn’t think I believed in any of it,” he told Rubenstein.

“So I was an agnostic, but by the time I got to graduate school, I was shifting even more to being an atheist. And I would not be too comfortable keeping quiet if somebody was talking about the supernatural, ’cause it was all about nature and how you study it and how you describe it,” Collins said.

Collins’ experience in medical school, however, challenged his ideas about life and death and the possibility of the existence of the supernatural.

“And then I went to medical school. And that third year of medical school where you’re thrust out onto the wards and you’re sitting at the bedside of wonderful people whose lives are under threat and many of whom are not going to survive, and you really start to realize that your own thinking about life and death has been pretty unsophisticated compared to the reality of what these people are facing,” Collins said. READ THE FULL STORY AT THE DAILY CALLER.