Pilot: “Pretty much everyone threw up”

Pilot reports that ‘pretty much everyone’ threw up while landing during storm

WASHINGTON – A pilot’s report after landing in Washington D.C. during severe turbulence from a storm buffeting the East Coast pretty much sums it up.

“Very bumpy on descent,” the pilot wrote. “Pretty much everyone on the plane threw up.”

“Pilots were on the verge of throwing up,” according to the report: 


What Never to Eat on an Airplane

We’re learning more about a common link among airlines that serve in-flight meals, and it’s making us feel a need to reach for that airsickness bag in the seat-back pocket.

‘Chicken, beef, or Listeria?’ We’re not really liking some of today’s in-flight food service options.

One of the leading vendors of in-flight meals has received a disturbing food safety report; details below from Food Safety News.

Rather than expose yourself to warmed-over inflight food service, better options may be carry on made-to-order foods purchased in the terminal, or cold food brought from home.

Just be sure to avoid foods that are overly aromatic, such as tuna salad or limburger sandwiches.

Better yet, arrive early for your flight and experience one of the growing number of fine dining or fast casual options inside the terminal.

Our faves: Legal Seafoods at BOS, Obrycki’s at BWI, and Cocina Del Barrio at MSP Terminal 2.

Gate Gourmet works to win airline customers back

(DAN FLYNN | Food Safety News) Gate Gourmet is reporting its kitchen at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is again operating without restrictions, but it’s not clear if it has won back all of its airline customers at America’s second busiest airport.

Late last year, after Gate Gourmet found Listeria in its kitchen at LAX, several airlines including American, Delta and Virgin Australia suspended their use of the air catering service until the problem could be resolved.

‘Chicken, beef, or Listeria?’

Gate Gourmet insisted at the time that it found Listeria only in floor drains and that the contamination had not reached any food contact services.

Until just before it told its airline customers about its Listeria problem, Gate Gourmet had maintained an “A” grade during routine inspections by the Los Angeles County Department of Health.

Los Angeles health inspected Gate Gourmet six times from mid-2015 to mid-2017, posting grades in the 90 to 100 percent range for the caterer’s LAX operation.

But in its most recent inspection on Sept. 21, Gate Gourmet’s grade fell off to 82 percent, dropping its rating to a low “B.”

Laundry list of health violations
In that most recent inspection, Gate Gourmet LAX had two significant violations.

One was for improper use of gloves and hand washing, the other for not using proper hot and cold holding temperatures for food.

The facility lost additional points because multiple major critical violations increase the risk to public health.

Among its other violations included:

  • not correctly identifying and storing toxic substances;
  • not property storing food;
  • not keeping nonfood contact surfaces clean and in good repair;
  • improper storage and use of equipment, utensils, and linens;
  • inadequate lighting and ventilation;
  • and not maintaining plumbing and backflow devices in good repair.

Headquartered at Switzerland’s Zürich Airport, Gate Gourmet services airlines around the world with about 28,000 employees. Read the full story at Food Safety News.

Photo credit: Marc van der Chijs, CC. Other credit: Mel Martin.