NFL – Obsessed With Head Injuries – Still Hawks Deadly Soda

Soft drinks — tied in a recent study to increased risk of death from all causes — retain a leading role in NFL revenue, in spite of the league’s hard line on head injuries and player safety.

Pepsi kicks off campaign to celebrate NFL’s 100th season

FOOD DIVE – Pepsi is going big to celebrate its alliance with pro football for the NFL’s 100th season.

This year’s multi-pronged campaign follows Pepsi’s commitment last year to boost its marketing spend, as it attempts to increase its market share against longtime competitor Coca-Cola.

The TV push, which includes ads, a renewed sponsorship of the Super Bowl Halftime Show and a featured position in “Sunday Night Football” — the top primetime TV program for eight years — comes as NFL ratings bounced back last season following two seasons of declines.

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However, changes driven by sports betting, politics, cord-cutting and liquor ads could continue to complicate the NFL advertising picture.

The limited-edition commemorative cans salute the Patriots, who have won the Super Bowl six times.

Packers HOF Halfback Dies; Scored First AFL TD

They are textured and shaped like a football, and will be available for fans to win at the Kickoff Party … Read more. 


Death In A Can

“Greater risk of all causes of death”

By Laura Reiley, September 4, 2019

Washington Post – Hold up, diet soda drinkers.

Regular consumption of soft drinks — both sugar-sweetened and artificially sweetened — was associated with a greater risk of all causes of death, according to research published this week in JAMA Internal Medicine.

Participants who drank two or more glasses of soft drinks per day had a higher risk of mortality than those who consumed less than one glass per month.

The study, one of the largest of its kind, tracked 451,743 men and women from 10 countries in Europe.

It found that the consumption of two or more glasses of artificially sweetened soft drinks a day was positively associated with deaths from circulatory diseases.

For sugar-sweetened soft drinks, one or more glasses a day were associated with deaths from digestive diseases, including diseases of the liver, appendix, pancreas, and intestines.

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The researchers recruited people from Britain, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain and Sweden between 1992 and 2000, surveying them on their food and drink consumption.

Participants were excluded if they reported incidents of cancer, heart disease, stroke or diabetes.

Mean age was 50, and 71 percent of participants were women.

Similar results have been shown in several recent studies, but the researchers cautioned that elevated soft-drink consumption may be a marker for an overall unhealthy lifestyle.

Does sugar by any other name still taste as sweet?

The United States is the world’s largest consumer of sugar, and the nation’s top nutrition panel recently recommended that Americans cut down on consuming the sweet stuff.

So our panelists tested five alternative sweeteners–stevia, sucralose, tagatose, yacón powder and xylitol–to see how they compare with sugar.

“In our study, high soft drinks consumers had a higher body mass index (BMI) and were also more likely to be current tobacco smokers,” said the study’s chief researcher … Read more. 


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