New York Ends Religious Exemption for Vaccines

News Wave 101 – Religion can no longer be used in New York as a justification to avoid vaccination of school-age children after the legislature decided to eliminate the exception to fight the worst outbreak of measles in decades.

There are 45 states that allow parents to cite religious beliefs so as not to immunize their children. California, Mississippi, West Virginia and Maine have already banned it before.

“We are facing an unprecedented public health crisis,” said Democratic Senator Brad Hoylman, who called the campaigns “spreading” “fraudulent” information against vaccines “atrocity” and the only thing they believe is “fear” and “doubts” between the population.

Religious beliefs, added Democratic Congresswoman Deborah Glick, should not overshadow scientific evidence.

The governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, signed the measure as soon as it was adopted this Thursday by the two chambers of the legislature so that it could take effect immediately.

The new outbreak of measles is concentrated in the Orthodox Jewish community, which considers that this type of measures supposes an assault on religious freedoms. Cuomo believes the first thing is to preserve public health … Read more. 


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