New Cancer Drug to Cost $373,000

FDA Approves Second Gene-Altering Treatment for Cancer

A new cancer drug will cost $373,000 per patient.

(DENISE GRADY, CLEVELAND CLINIC) The FDA has approved a radical new treatment that genetically reboots a patient’s immune cells to kill cancer.

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The new therapy, Yescarta, was approved for adults with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma who have undergone two regimens of chemotherapy that failed.

The treatment transforms the patient’s cells into a “living drug” that attacks cancer cells.

“The results are pretty remarkable,” said Dr. Frederick L. Locke, a specialist in blood cancers and a leader of a study of the new treatment.

About 3,500 people a year in the United States may be candidates for Yescarta. The cost will be $373,000 per patient.

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