Most Of Us Use Drugs Or Alcohol To Fall Asleep

Dec 12, 2019

As three million new cases of insomnia get diagnosed a year, it seems long-time sufferers are seeking pharmaceutical consultation in greater numbers.

A new study conducted by Sleep Cycle revealed:

  • 63% of Americans occasionally rely on a sleep aid to achieve consistent sleep
  • 25% report doing so every single night, with the most common “aides” being supplements, drugs, and alcohol
  • 42% take melatonin on a nightly basis
  • 37% confessed the same but about sleeping pills
  • 21% self medicate with alcohol
  • 20% utilize marijuana.

Forty-two percent of the respondents queried in the new study said that they simply can’t fall asleep without the substances previously mentioned.

It should be noted however that the very same pool of participants rarely felt good and or rested after employing their respective vices the following day.

According to the report, just about 51% of respondents said that they attempted to quit sleep aids because of poor results and negative stigmas attached to the substances occasioned.

Forty-seven percent have slept through an alarm as a consequence of taking sleeping pills and 42% confessed that alcohol is a “bad” sleep aid, even though just as many use it as such more often they’d like to.

“People lie awake in bed at night and worry about how poorly they are sleeping and how bad they are going to feel the next day,” medical director at the 8 Hour Sleep Clinic in El Paso, Dr. Joseph Dombrowsky told KFOX14, in response to the new study. Read more. 


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