More Couples Are Doing THIS At Bedtime; Women Say It Is Amazing

First, relax your lips …

By Mark Burhenne, DDS, Apr 22, 2019

| Every night, after my wife and I say good night, I reach for the drawer of my bedside table.

Relaxing my lips my keeping them closed, I place a strip of mouth tape over my lips before I turn off the lights.

Dentist’s secret to better sleep, a healthier mouth, and a happier wife

Sound bizarre?

That’s what I thought at first, too, but the health benefits of nose breathing are undeniable.

I think mouth taping is likely to be the next big thing in health, as people learn the huge benefits of nose breathing.

If you’re afraid of using mouth tape, let me dispel your fear. We’ll talk about the right way to do it, the reasons why I mouth tape every night, and more.

“I’m all about simple biohacks … now that I know what it’s like to wake up after a good night’s sleep, I refuse to go back to a poor night’s sleep!” Blogger Christina Rice 

“Better focus, memory, and concentration”

Using mouth tape forces you to breathe out of your nose (instead of your mouth). This is a simple way to reap the benefits of better sleep and improved oral and dental health.

I noticed that one woman, Eliza, was mouth breathing during an appointment, so I sent her home with some mouth tape. 10 Health Benefits Of Sex, In Case You Need A Reason

She mouth taped that night and immediately discovered that it was impossible for her to do so.

“You will experience better digestion, lower stress hormones, better sleep, and improved healing.” Blogger Holly Warner

It was a good indicator that Eliza hadn’t been nose breathing, so she slowly trained herself to do it.

Now, years after finally learning how to nose breathe, Eliza says she has transformed, and so has her health.

She has better focus, memory, and concentration. Her anxiety is greatly reduced, and she also hasn’t had a cavity since.

“Studies reveal that nasal breathing is far superior to mouth breathing. It promotes better focus, memory, and concentration.”  – Blogger Julie Hand

If you’re breathing through your mouth while you sleep at night, it’s a big deal.

Not only does it reduce the quality of your sleep, but it disrupts the balance of your oral microbiome and makes you more prone to tooth decay.

In fact, I consider mouth breathing the number one cause of cavities—even ahead of poor diet or bad dental hygiene.

Mouth tape is a tool that everyone should have in their medicine cabinet—or night stand, if you’re like me …

“I noticed my sleep was getting deeper and I was indeed waking up with more energy. I also noticed that my throat was less parched and I suddenly didn’t have to get up five times a night to pee anymore. Having spent several decades feeling like I never got enough rest, the value of being able to feel satisfied with a night’s shut-eye is impossible to overstate.” Blogger Tiarra Mukherjee

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