Mom Arrested After Googling “How to make a baby really sick”

World’s creepiest mom? Cops say she Googled “How to make a baby vomit.” Image: Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office

Fox News – A 25-year-old mom in Minnesota was charged last week with one count of felony-level child endangerment that could result in substantial harm or death, after authorities discovered she allegedly gave her 9-month-old son laxatives to inflict starvation.

Authorities discovered that Megan Lee Kafer of Lewiston, Minn., who is scheduled to appear in court on the charge in mid-December, had searched the web on her phone for ways to poison a baby, including:

  • “MiraLax overdose,”
  • “Can a doctor tell if you overdose on MiraLax,”
  • “How to make a baby really sick,”
  • “Mom gets 20 years to life for poisoning son with salt,”
  • “Salt child death,” and
  • “How to make a baby vomit”

Kafer’s husband, Jacob Kafer, didn’t return Fox News’ request for comment.

“I am not saying there wasn’t an issue, there definitely was … I just don’t think it’s (Munchausen-by-proxy syndrome),” Jacob Kafer told the Twin Cities Pioneer Press.

The woman’s parental rights have been terminated, according to officials. Read more.