MLB Ditches Politically Incorrect “Disabled List”

IMAGE: Keith Allison, CC BY-SA 2.0

Peter D’Abrosca, Feb 7, 2019

| Big League Politics – After 104 years, Major League Baseball will do away with the “Disabled List” in order to please the politically correct mob.

Major League Baseball will rename the disabled list as the ‘injured list,’ a source familiar with the plan told ESPN.

“The league will make the change out of concern that the term ‘disabled’ for injured players falsely conflates disabilities with injuries and an inability to participate in sports,” the report continued.

The term “disabled list” has been used since it was established by the National League in 1915 … Read more.

MLB Caves to Political Correctness, Changes Name of ‘Disabled List’

Corey Stallings, Feb 8, 2019

| It must be a slow week for social justice warriors. That’s about the only thing I can think of to explain their latest colossal brainfart.

When a player in the MLB gets an injury, they go on something called the “disabled list.”

Well, at least they did before politically correct lefties threw a tantrum.

Get ready for this:

Major League Baseball confirmed to ESPN on Thursday that it’s changing the name of the “Disabled List” to the “Injury List.” The genesis of the rule? Disability advocates asked Major League Baseball to change the name so people wouldn’t confuse “disabilities” and “injuries” and further the thinking that a disability means someone can’t play a sport.

The reasoning makes a lot of sense, especially when you consider that the other major sports don’t call their injury lists “disabled lists.” It’s the “injured reverse list” in NFL and NHL, the “inactive list” in the NBA. MLB’s “disabled list” got its name in 1915, so the jargon was a bit dated.

Yeah, you read that right. The word “disabled” is now unfit for use in our “woke” society.

Disable means “not able.” As in “not able to play ball.” When the solenoid goes bad on my truck and it won’t start, it’s by definition disabled until I fix it. There’s nothing improper about their use of the word … Read more. 



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