Meghan McCain: Don’t Blame Dad for Obamacare

(Brendon Cole, Newsweek) Meghan McCain said President Donald Trump’s apparent reference to her father being responsible for the collapse of the Affordable Care Act repeal is “gross.”

Trump addressed a rally in Duluth, Minnesota on Wednesday where he seemed to blame John McCain for the collapse of a Republican effort to repeal the act known as Obamacare.

Trump told the crowd: “We had a gentleman way into the morning hours, go thumbs-down. He went thumbs-down,” CNN reported.

Although he did not mention the senator by name, this was an apparent reference to John McCain using the thumbs-down gesture in casting the deciding vote that stopped the repeal.

The broadcaster reported that after Trump’s remark, someone from the crowd shouted: “He’s a war hero”.

Political analyst Josh Dawsey posted the Trump comment on Twitter.

Meghan McCain then responded: And it never stops being gross”.

John McCain continues to publicly oppose some of the policies of the Trump administration including the forced separation of migrants at the border with Mexico and continues to be a vocal presence in the Senate.

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