McDonald’s Unveils ‘United Nations’ Menu

McDonald’s is introducing four new ways to overload on fat, salt, and sugar. A promotional photo for the new menu items features a lineup of foreign flags reminiscent of the United Nations; the fast-food giant’s interpretation of Spanish food is its “Grand McExtreme Bacon Burger.”

McD’s set to sell four global fat-bombs in the U.S.

By Danielle Wiener Bronner, May 8, 2019

| CNN Business – McDonald’s is bringing some international menu items to the United States.

Participating McDonald’s locations nationwide will start selling these items on June 5:

  • the Stroopwafel McFlurry [410 calories; 100 calories from fat – Ed.]
  • the Grand McExtreme Bacon Burger [787 calories, 414 calories from fat]
  • the Tomato Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich [640 calories, 297 calories from fat]
  • and Cheesy Bacon Fries [560 calories, 310 calories from fat]

Although the new items — which are from the Netherlands, Spain, Canada and Australia — may seem unfamiliar, they’re actually not that different from what McDonald’s already serves, noted Sam Oches, editorial director of Food News Media at QSR magazine.

[Of course they aren’t much different – they’re little more than new ways to combine high-fat, high-sugar, and high-sodium ingredients into cheap fast food.]

“These are fairly easy to do, fairly easy builds,” he said. “They might see it as … an easy marketing win without stretching the operations too much,” he said.

McDonald’s has been trying to streamline its menu to increase speed and efficiency, and to ease the burden on franchisees. The international items don’t require many new ingredients. [As we were saying … ]

Oches described the move as a marketing effort that could help boost sales in the short term, but probably won’t lead to long-term gains.

Plus, McDonald’s (MCD) knows that at least one of the items will resonate with consumers. The chain started selling the cheesy bacon fries for a limited time in January … Read more.


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