Mayo Clinic “Medical Kidnapping” – Fake News?

Bizarre tale emerges from famed hospital – is it fake news? 

Family says Mayo Clinic held teen ‘prisoner’; 18 months later, CNN runs it as their lead story 

“Escape from the Mayo Clinic: Teen accuses world-famous hospital of ‘medical kidnapping'”

By Elizabeth Cohen and John Bonifield, CNN Health | Updated 8:21 AM ET, Mon August 13, 2018

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Sherburn, Minnesota (CNN) In a jaw-dropping moment caught on video, an 18-year-old high school senior rushes to escape from the hospital that saved her life and then, she says, held her captive.

At the entrance to the world-renowned Mayo Clinic, the young woman’s stepfather helps her out of a wheelchair and into the family car.

Staff members come running toward him, yelling “No! No!” One of them grabs the young woman’s arm.

“Get your hands off my daughter!” her stepfather yells.

The car speeds away, the stepfather and the patient inside, her mother at the wheel.

Mayo security calls 911.

“We have had a patient abduction,” the security officer tells police, according to a transcript of the call.

‘A cautionary tale’

The patient’s name is Alyssa Gilderhus.

She and her family say she wasn’t abducted from the Mayo Clinic in February 2017; rather, she escaped. They say the hospital was keeping her there against her will — that Mayo “medically kidnapped” her.

Unhappy with the care she was receiving at Mayo, they say, they repeatedly asked for her to be transferred to another hospital. They say Mayo refused.

According to police, Mayo officials had a different plan for Alyssa: They had asked the county for assistance in “gaining guardianship of Alyssa,” who was an adult.

A spokeswoman for the Mayo Clinic said hospital officials would be willing to answer CNN’s questions if Alyssa signed a privacy release form giving them permission to discuss her case publicly with CNN. The spokeswoman, Ginger Plumbo, supplied that form to CNN.

Alyssa signed the form, but Plumbo declined to answer CNN’s questions on the record.

Instead, she provided a statement, which said in part, “We will not address these questionable allegations or publicly share the facts of this complex situation …” Read more at CNN. 


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