Man Walks Dog, Then THIS Happens

Reports of chupacabra in Chicago, now diseased raccoons in St. Louis …

(Rachel Menitoff, KSDK) There’s an uptick in diseased raccoons. People are seeing the nocturnal animals in broad daylight.

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Interactions between wildlife, humans, and pets are raising health concerns in major US cities. Photo by Nerru

Robert Langellier went to walk his dog when he came face to face with a little guy sitting outside his apartment. He said the raccoon did not show signs of being at all scared of his rambunctious puppy.

“It wasn’t until like a minute or so passed, that the raccoon – that there was something going on with it. It was kind of walking around dazedly, confusedly,” said Langellier.

“It was very skinny, definitely on its last leg so to speak,” he said.

“They have a really dusky sort of appearance to them,” explained another resident.

“They have very mucus-y [sic] eyes,” she said. “In one week alone, within 50 feet of each other, we had three different raccoons here in the street here.”

A reminder to pet owners, it’s crucial that your dogs and cats are vaccinated. READ THE FULL STORY AT KSDK.COM.  Also of interest … This adorable dog weathered the storm.