Man Grew Breasts Taking Rx; $8 Billion In Damages

Oct 9, 2019

| CBS News – A jury has ordered medical company Johnson & Johnson to pay $8 billion in punitive damages in the case of a man who said he developed breasts after taking the company’s anti-psychotic drug Risperdal as a child.

The case is unrelated to a string of big-money lawsuits the company is facing over its signature baby powder.

In the Risperdal case, the Philadelphia jury found that Johnson & Johnson failed to warn 26-year-old Nicholas Murray of the drug’s side effects.

Murray claimed that taking the Risperdal as a child caused him to develop breasts, an incurable condition known as gynecomastia.

Thousands of others have filed lawsuits alleging the same.

Murray said he was prescribed the medicine at age 9 for symptoms related to autism spectrum disorderRead more. 

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