Major New Hunting Rules Aimed At Fatal Deer Disease

Tennessee Times Free-Press –New hunting regulations are now in place to combat the spread of a fatal neurological disorder that affects members of the deer family and is 100 percent fatal.

Any deer, elk or moose harvested outside the state must have its meat removed from the bone before being brought into Tennessee as state wildlife officials attempt to combat Chronic Wasting Disease, or CWD.

The regulations were put in place by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency for the newly begun hunting season.

“It’s going to be an inconvenience to hunters, but Tennessee isn’t the only state doing this,” TWRA big game biologist Ben Layton said.

“Regulations have been put in place in other states to slow down the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease.”

States are scrambling to prevent the spread of the infectious disease.

CWD has been reported in at least 25 states and Canada, and while it has not been found in Tennessee, once here, it could decimate the deer population.

The disease causes drastic weight loss, stumbling, listlessness, and other neurological symptoms before eventual death. There is no treatment or vaccine to cure it.

Scientists believe the disease is still contagious long after an infected animal is dead. Some states, such as Wisconsin, have seen entire herds wiped out due to the highly infectious disease.

The new rules extend TWRA’s carcass import restrictions to every U.S. state and Canada. Read more.

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