She made ‘a crunchy sound – like Rice Krispies’ when doctors pressed on this part of her body

Texas teen was having the time of her life until … 

(Katie Silver, BBC) A 16 year old fan’s lung collapsed after she screamed too much at a One Direction concert in Dallas, an emergency doctor has reported.

Doctors heard “a crunchy sound – like the sound Rice Krispies make” when they pressed on this part of her body. 

The girl became short of breath during the concert but continued cheering “because she was a super fan” of the English-Irish pop boy band based in London.

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When she was taken the hospital, doctors found air had leaked into three different anatomical spaces.

Published in the Journal of Emergency Medicine, it’s the first time a case of this kind has been documented.

Dr. J. Mack Slaughter treated the girl at the Children’s Medical Center in Dallas: “Her oxygen levels were fine. She didn’t look like she was seriously ill,” he said.

“But instead of breathing a normal 12-16 times a minute, she was breathing 22 times a minute. So we knew something was a little off by that.”

In a physical exam, Dr Slaughter also noted she had crepitus, “a crunchy sound – like the sound Rice Krispies make – when you press on certain parts of the body.”

This showed him that a “small amount of air had made its way out of the respiratory track into soft tissue.”

“Never seen before”

He found a tear in the lung had caused air to escape in three places: between the lung and the chest wall, into the chest cavity and behind the pharynx.

The combination of these three diagnoses hadn’t been seen before, Dr Slaughter said.

He said this leakage of air is “typically caused by an inciting event”, such as during an asthma attack, heavy weightlifting, diving or military flying, due to the sudden changes in air pressure. READ THE FULL POST AT BBC NEWS. Also of interest: BBC: Plague Threatens 20 Mil. Residents of Island Nation