Lose Weight By Having Sex, According To Science

(Yella Hewings-Martin PhD, Medical News Today) With more than half of the population on a diet, weight loss is clearly on our minds.

One hundred percent of men – and 95 percent of women – said having sex is more fun than going to the gym.

But should you count sex in your weight management plan?

Sex helps burn calories, and the benefits don’t stop there

Keeping our pounds in check is good for our ticker, our bones, and our lungs. It might even keep cancer at bay.

But a staggering 73 percent of men and 66 percent of women are overweight or obese. It comes as no surprise, then, that 66 percent of us are currently on a diet.

Sex is exercise

Prof. Antony D. Karelis — along with colleagues from the Université du Québec à Montréal — studied how many calories we burn when we get our groove on.

For his study, Prof. Karelis worked with 21 heterosexual couples, aged 18 to 35.

The couples were asked to have sex while wearing an activity tracker that recorded how much energy they spent each time.

A sexual encounter included foreplay, intercourse, and at least one orgasm by either partner, then “ended at the couple’s discretion,” as the authors explain.

Here is what the team found

Men burned on average 101 calories and women 69 calories when they had sex. The average intensity was higher than walking but lower than jogging, Prof. Karelis explains, putting it firmly in the category of moderate-intensity exercise.

This means that each time we have sex, it counts toward our 150 minutes of weekly recommended exercise.

‘More pleasant’ than a gym workout

When asked to compare the two activities, all of the men and 95 percent of the women in the study said that sex was more pleasant than pounding the treadmill.

So you might find that your 2018 diet plan will easily accommodate sex as an indispensable component. Read the full story at Medical News Today.

IMAGE: Liz West, CC

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