Live Like You’re Dying; Teen With Cancer Is Doing Just That

Screenshot: NECN

With 3-6 months to live, teen looks to cross items off his bucket list

New England Cable News – A Massachusetts teenager battling a rare form of cancer is determined to make his time left matter.

Jake Silver, an 18-year-old from Ashland, put together a bucket list, and the community is rallying around him to make sure he accomplishes every wish.

Silver was diagnosed with an aggressive form of bone cancer called osteosarcoma three years ago. After 35 rounds of chemotherapy and 15 surgeries, he was getting ready for another one last week when he received devastating news.

“They said, ‘We can’t do the surgery. You have, like, 20 plus tumors on your lung,'” Silver said. “They said I have three to six months left.”

Some would see it as the end, but Silver sees it as an opportunity.

“When I found I didn’t have a lot of time left, I was like, ‘Alright, Yellowstone.'”

The cross-country road trip is just part of Silver’s bucket list. It is not long, but it includes things like having his first kiss and attending as many sports games as possible.

His mom, Melissa Duca, posted the list online in the Facebook group called “Team Jake,” and she could not believe the response she received from the community … Read more.

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