These life hacks can help you sleep soundly

(EMILY SHIFFER, MEN’S HEALTH) There are two basic reasons why you wake up at night to pee, says Dr. Daniel Shoskes M.D., urologist at the Cleveland Clinic.

The first is that you’re making too much urine. If that’s the case, you’ll usually urinate a full amount each time you go, The second for waking up to pee is that your bladder just thinks you need to go, even if it’s not full.  In this case, you’d be peeing a lower volume.

Only your doctor can know for sure what’s causing your nocturia, so if you’re bothered by your nightly habit, make an appointment to have him or her check things out.

But here are some things you can try to stop waking up so much to pee.

Stop Waking Up To Pee By Limiting Pre-bed Fluid Intake

Your cutoff time for liquids should be a few hours before you go to bed, says Dr. Shoskes. This should give the fluids you take in ample time to be processed through your body and pass through your bladder, so you can pee while you’re already awake and not have to disturb your sleep to do it.

Stop Waking Up To Pee By Avoiding Caffeine And Alcohol

Caffeine irritates your bladder, causing you to pee more frequently.

And alcohol suppresses your body’s level of the ADH (antidiuretic hormone), which prevents the production of urine. This suppression of ADH can carry on into the night, meaning you make more urine than usual when you’re sleeping, as we reported.

Stop Waking Up To Pee By Re-scheduling Your Meds

“If you take a diuretic, try to take in the morning rather than bedtime,” says Dr. Shoskes.

Other medications that might make you have to pee during night include antidepressants, prescription pain relievers and antibiotics. Read the full story at Men’s Health. 



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