We’re learning more about conditions in this ‘shithole’ country

(HEADLINE HEALTH) When Donald Trump allegedly said that too many immigrants are coming from ‘shithole countries’, one of the nations to take greatest offense was South Africa. The nation’s UN representatives called Trump a racist and demanded international sanctions against him. 

Now we’re learning more about actual conditions in South Africa. Are these facts enough to qualify the nation as a ‘shithole’? You decide:

  • 67 South Africans have just died in a listeriosis outbreak, the deadliest in the recorded history of the world.
  • Tuberculosis causes 8.8 percent of all deaths in South Africa; HIV/AIDS causes 5.1 percent.
  • Malaria is endemic in several provinces
  • Gastroenteritis, cholera, viral hepatitis, typhoid fever, bilharziasis and dysentery are all listed as diseases that pose a high risk to South Africans. SOURCE: Food Safety News


‘Shithole Countries’ – Trump Is Right Again 

Actual ‘shitholes’ would be an improvement in these 6 African nations | Here’s what Trump was talking about

(HEADLINE HEALTH) In a 2016 interview with US magazine, the President of the United States described the African nation of Libya as a “shit show” …

The next day, the Barack Obama’s obscene remarks received no mention from the New York Times, Washington Post, or CNN.

In 2016, Barack Obama called Libya a “shit show.” A diplomatic crisis did not ensue. IMAGE: The Independent

United Nations members did not issue hysterical statements demanding an emergency sessin to sanction the potty-mouthed president.

And no one called Obama a ‘racist’ over his scatalogical characterization of an African nation …

Last week, Donald Trump reportedly called African nations that send migrants to the United States ‘shithole countries.’

Trump’s comments made no mention whatsoever of race.

Yet the mainstream media and nations that look to the United Nations for power and protection immediately called him a racist and demanded various sanctions against Trump and the United States. READ MORE AT HEADLINE HEALTH. 


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