Lawyer Pleads For Sympathy For Woman Charged With Drowning Golden Retriever

“Nancy has not only lost her dog, but is now public enemy number one … “

| Dean Shalhoup, June 28, 2019

| Nashua Telegraph – In the two weeks since Merrimack, New Hampshire police charged 66-year-old Nancy Bucciarelli with animal cruelty for allegedly drowning her dog, someone mailed her a container of dog feces, a person threatened to beat her up and “make her die a slow, agonizing death,” and someone else shared his or her hope that Bucciarelli’s children and grandchildren drown.

So pervasive have the verbal, written and implied threats and attacks against Bucciarelli become, attorney Roger “Rusty” Chadwick said this week, asking people to presume his client innocent until proven guilty seems a lost cause.

“Nancy has not only lost her dog, but is now public enemy number one, locally and nationally,” Chadwick said, adding that Bucciarelli has become inundated with “hundreds of hateful messages” since her June 14 arrest.

Police charged her with one count of cruelty to animals, a Class A misdemeanor, and after booking she was released on personal recognizance bail.

The incident that led to Bucciarelli’s arrest occurred June 8. Police developed information that accused Bucciarelli of pushing her dog, an 11-year-old golden retriever named Bailey, into Lake Naticook and watching it drown.

She was scheduled to be arraigned Thursday morning in Merrimack district court, but police released a statement Wednesday announcing the case had been transferred to the office of the Hillsborough County Attorney, so the arraignment was thereby canceled.

Police didn’t elaborate on the reasons for the change of venue, but there were indications that a group of Bucciarelli’s critics may have been planning to gather outside the courthouse, their dogs in tow, possibly to stage some sort of demonstration.

Chadwick’s condemnation of the people behind the attacks and threats aimed at Bucciarelli comes several days after police went public asking people to “use restraint” … ” Read more. 

HEADLINE HEALTH reached out to Ms. Bucciarelli for her side of the story. She has not responded.