Nevada Hospitals Call For Backup To Handle 500+ Shooting Victims

October 2, 2017, 5:52 PM ET

(ALISON KODJAK, NPR) Hospitals across the Las Vegas area were inundated Sunday evening when hundreds of people injured in the mass shooting at a country music festival on the Strip arrived at their doors by ambulances and private car.

Nevada’s only Level 1 trauma center is putting out a call for all available medical personnel. IMAGE: Youtube

And hundreds of doctors, nurses, and support personnel were called into work to help handle the patients that were lined up in ambulance bays and hallways, officials say.

The University Medical Center of Southern Nevada, the state’s only comprehensive trauma center, received 104 patients, according to spokeswoman Danita Cohen.

Four people died and 12 remained in critical condition Monday, Cohen says.

Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center saw 180 people who were injured in the shooting, including 124 with gunshot wounds, according to Dr. Jeffrey Murawsky, the hospital’s chief medical officer.

It’s the closest hospital to the site of the shooting and is a Level 2 trauma center, which means it can provide definitive care for all injured patients.

St. Rose Dominican hospital in nearby Henderson treated another 58 patients, five of whom are in critical condition, according to spokeswoman Jennifer Cooper.

Blood donors urgently needed

The victims need blood donations, local officials say, and people are lining up to give.

“No one can say they’ve seen anything like this,” Sunrise’s Murawsky told All Things Considered on Monday. “We’ve seen events that have brought us 30 patients at once.”

He said 100 extra doctors were called in to work Sunday night, along with another 100 people including nurses, technicians, and support staff.

“We have a relatively large emergency department. We were able to triage within our emergency department,” he says. “We used the hallway space to see patients, so it’s a lot fuller than it normally would be and it feels a lot more chaotic.” SEE FULL STORY AT NPR.ORG.