Nassar Insists He’s No Sexual Predator, Just A Really Bad Doctor

“Reams of child porn in his possession”

| CNN – Larry Nassar believes his decades of sexual abuse of hundreds of women and girls was not criminal and should have been handled as a “medical malpractice case,” according to a report from the Michigan Attorney General’s Office.

The report released Friday was a status update on the attorney general’s office’s investigation into Michigan State University’s handling of matters related to Nassar.

The attorney general’s office says MSU is stonewalling the investigation by not releasing requested documents, and characterizes Nassar, a former USA Gymnastics and MSU doctor, as “defiant” and “unrepentant.”

“It immediately became clear that his statements of remorse in the courtroom were a farce,” the report says.

Nassar claimed that he only pleaded guilty “because he lost his support from the medical community and his patients after the police discovered reams of child pornography in his possession,” the report says.

Nassar was interviewed in a Michigan jail after being sentenced to up to 175 years in prison, but before his transfer to a federal penitentiary, William Forsyth, an appointed independent special counsel, said at a news conference Friday.

Nassar was interviewed by David Dwyre, the chief of investigations at the attorney general’s office, who said he hoped the convicted sex-offender would be forthcoming about who at MSU might have helped him cover up any crimes.

Instead, Dwyre said he found a man who was adamant that all of his “treatments” were “done for a medical purpose, not for his own pleasure.”

Special counsel says MSU is stonewalling

The status report says that despite a public pledge to cooperate, MSU has hampered the investigation by issuing misleading public statements, flooding investigators with irrelevant documents, such as the university’s “Bed Bug Management-Infection Control” policy, and withholding documents pertinent to the investigation under claims of attorney-client privilege in cases where it did not apply. Read more.