Kym Douglas Bounces All The Way Back

Kym Douglas grateful to return to ‘Home And Family’ after cancer diagnosis

IBTimes – She departed the talk show at the end of May after being diagnosed with breast cancer and undergoing surgery.

In the months since, she’s been recovering from the operation while receiving chemotherapy treatments.

In September she got back to work, which she said on Facebook made her “realize how fortunate I am to have a job to come back to after my treatment [because] not everyone gets that.”

Douglas shared some photos, along with a comment about her recent experiences.

“Getting back to work was literally like medicine in my veins,” Douglas wrote. “On this #LaborDay Holiday, I realize how much my work fills me up and the joy it brings to my life. I hope you will tune in tmrw to join the fun and laughter.”

Douglas received many words of encouragement during her time away from the show, which, she said, helped her a lot during this experience.

“Thankful and Grateful are understatements as to how I feel being back at work @homeandfamilytv,” she wrote. “The prayers, notes, cards and texts I received from all who watch, were immensely important to my recovery and healing.” Read more. 

Original story published May 31, 2108:

Health update from the other stunningly beautiful Hollywood celebrity named Kym

(Headline Health) One of Hollywood’s most admired beauty icons has just undergone a double mastectomy after a breast cancer diagnosis.

Kym Douglas, beauty expert on Hallmark Home & Family, shared a hospital room update on Facebook.

In it, she cites the power of prayer and gives the “glory to God” — words we don’t recall hearing from the “other” Kim who tends to dominate celebrity health news.

Kym Douglas’s Facebook post:

Well this is certainly not the prettiest picture i have ever posted but it surly is the most grateful one. I just got…

Posted by Kym Douglas: Hollywood Beauty Expert on Sunday, May 27, 2018

Her Facebook post continued,

“It worked. GOD hears us and meets us where ever we are. There is a mighty, mighty power in prayer and Love!

“Thank you Lord for answering our prayers.

“Cedars-Sinai you were first rate and thank you for your impeccable care Ms.Paula Cohen. Dr. Sheryl Ross who started me on this journey, Arivale that encouraged me to get a mammogram, my breast surgeon and 5 foot 2 powerhouse breast surgeon DR. Alice Chung and my Dr. Tiffany Grunwald who will make me better than knew. It was this mighty team of all women who changed my trajectory! Glory to God.”

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Scores of Kym’s fans have responded:

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