Just Checked Out Of “Bugbed Hotel”? Do THIS Immediately

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What to do if you’ve visited a place that has bedbugs

Business Insider – It is every traveler’s worst nightmare.

You enjoy a vacation and a few days after you get home, you find you’ve brought back an insect infestation as a souvenir.

“If you stay in a location that has bedbugs, these pests could hitch a ride on you or your belongings and begin an infestation wherever you go, including your home,” a representative for the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) previously told INSIDER.

To ensure this doesn’t happen, when staying in a hotel or anywhere that isn’t your home, visually inspect luggage racks, upholstered furniture, the back of the headboard, mattress seams, box springs, and bed frames, using a flashlight or magnifier if you have one.

In addition, if you’ve already been exposed to bedbugs, you might notice small, red, clustered bites on your skin.

The best thing you can do is tackle the problem before you get home

If you have yet to enter your house with the exposed belongings, Michigan State University suggests putting all of your belongings, including your luggage, into sealed plastic bags to keep the bedbugs from dropping out where you don’t want them.

Once you arrive home, before rolling your suitcase into your home, unpack your belongings in your garage or even better, outside. Although it may be tempting to throw out everything this isn’t necessary as bedbugs can be killed using high heat or extreme cold.

Take all clothing and items that can be laundered and wash and dry them on high heat. Ideally, the water temperature should be 100 degrees Fahrenheit to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Then place them in new plastic bags to keep them isolated from what is still contaminated.

When it comes to your actual luggage, you’ll want to use a flashlight to check seams, folds, and pockets for bugs or eggs. You’ll then want to vacuum the suitcase using a brush and crevice tool attachment. READ MORE. 

How To Check Your Hotel Room For Bed Bugs

Business Insider – With thousands of travelers passing through their doors, it’s inevitable that hotel rooms are prone to bed bug infestations. Even luxury hotels, like New York City’s Ritz-Carlton, are susceptible to these unwelcome guests.

To protect yourself from infestation, you should always check for bed bugs in hotel rooms. Here’s how:

1. When you enter a room, don’t unpack. Bring your luggage to a clean bathtub or a rack that will keep it off the floor until you have inspected the room.

2. Grab some tools to inspect the bed: a flashlight (or even the flashlight app on your phone) and a credit card will do the trick.

3. Pull the blanket and linens off the bed. Start with the corners, where bed bugs like to hide. You’re looking for bugs or dark brown blood spots.

4. Peel back all of the blankets and sheets from the corner, until you can see the mattress.

5. Closely examine the folds and seams in the corner of the mattress for signs of bed bugs. Use a credit card to get underneath the folds of the mattress, where bed bugs love to hide, and closely examine the darker hiding spots with a flashlight. READ MORE | SEE PICS


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Just Checked Out Of “Bugbed Hotel”? Do THIS Immediately