Junk Food Makers Will Try Anything To Get You To Buy

Green Slime Twinkies? Check.

Food Dive – Companies are turning sentimental in an effort to reduce their marketing expenses and get consumers to open their wallets.

Few U.S. food brands have managed to survive through a world war, two bankruptcies and increasing consumer demand for healthier products — but one icon has managed to last and even thrive.

Twinkies, the yellow cream-filled cakes invented in 1930, are flourishing today, a rarity in the rapidly evolving food space where thousands of products disappear from store shelves every year.

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How has America’s beloved sponge cake stood the test of time?

Chad Lusk​, the chief marketing officer with Twinkie owner Hostess Brands, said the snack has a cross-generational appeal and a strong emotional connection.

This nostalgic love that consumers have for Twinkies was the primary driver behind the brand’s comeback after Hostess’ second bankruptcy in 2012, he said.

“There was a booming national outcry that led to, effectively, a new Hostess company being formed and the brand being revitalized,” Lusk told Food Dive.

“It really goes back to the prevalence, the high degree of awareness, and that deep-seated, emotional connection with consumers in a form and a product that hasn’t been replicated since.”

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That’s part of the secret. Twinkies are unique. The brand is a one-of-a kind asset in the snack space that has managed to offer the same unmistakable product for decades.

But Twinkies are more than an ode to history with Lusk saying the brand is just as relevant to consumers today. One part of Hostess’ strategy has been a steady release of new offerings that reflect the company’s history but embrace changing consumer tastes.

Lusk pointed to the success of seasonal and limited-time offerings such as the Key Lime Slime Twinkie that was created in honor of the 2016 release of “Ghostbusters.”

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The film paid homage to the original 1984 flick where the universe was described by Harold Ramis’ character using a Twinkie analogy.

The brand also maintains other pop culture references for younger generations. Hostess has capitalized on the “Minions” franchise because Twinkies themselves look like the yellow creatures.

The widespread recognition of the Twinkie name has enabled Hostess to experiment … Read more. 


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