“It Was No Kidney Stone”

Aimee Judge found out she was having a baby — NOT a ‘kidney stone — hours before the delivery. (Source: SCREENGRAB FROM THE DOGGIE STYLZ FACEBOOK PAGE)

NC Doc ‘Delivers’ News To Woman Who Thought She Had A Kidney Stone 

Simone Jasper, August 20, 2019

News & Observer –  A North Carolina woman who went to see a doctor about pain earlier this month found out she was on the verge of giving birth, she told news outlets.

“I thought maybe I was passing a kidney stone, which I had never had,” Aimee Judge told WLOS.

Judge says she had no idea she was pregnant until hours before she welcomed a baby daughter into her family, according to the station …

It came as a shock when she learned she had about 13 hours to get ready for a baby girl who was on the way, WLOS reports.

“We’ve always wanted kids, so she was always wanted and prayed for,” Judge said, according to the station. “But it would have been nice to have a little heads-up.”

Baby Emelia was born healthy, weighing about 9 pounds … Read more.