Illegal, 12, Sues USA; ICE “Made Him Depressed”

Migrant boys and girls face many challenges when parents, smugglers bring them into US illegally

| This op-ed is the opinion its author, not that of Headline Health; we present it so that readers may be aware of the impacts of illegal immigrants and the agenda of their defenders. Children in the US illegally typically receive the best shelter, nutrition, and healthcare of their lives, courtesy of US taxpayers, while those who brought them across the border illegally are rarely prosecuted. – Editor]

(Lea Labaki, The Sacramento Bee – Opinion) Held down, injected, drugged – this is how immigrant children in need of mental health support, but detained in government facilities, are being treated, according to a lawsuit filed in a California court in April.

Children at the Shiloh Treatment Center in Manvel, Texas, were allegedly prescribed as many as 10 different shots and pills at a time and told they would never leave the center if they refused to take the medication.

One plaintiff declared that staff members at Shiloh provoked the children to make then angry and justify giving them injections.

Another complaint, filed on behalf of five immigrant children in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles in June, alleges that the policies of the Office of Refugee Resettlement are causing grave harm to children.

It accuses the agency of detaining children in excessively restrictive conditions, forcibly medicating children and failing to reunite children with their families.

“His detention made him depressed.”  So this 12-year-old is suing. 

Lucas, a 12-year-old from Guatemala, is one of the plaintiffs.

He is detained at the Shiloh center. According to his older sister, who lives in Los Angeles, when he was in Guatemala, Lucas was a happy and talkative child.

However, his detention and the fear of not being reunited with his family have made him depressed.

He was placed on psychotropic medication and transferred to Shiloh.

Lea Labaki is junior researcher and advocate on disability rights with Human Rights Watch. 

Read the full column at The Sacramento Bee.; the column makes no reference to the human rights of Americans not be be invaded by illegal aliens in search of government benefits. 


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