ICE Agents Take Sick Alien To ER; It Goes Viral

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“She is in the U.S. illegally, officials said.”

Oct. 14, 2019

Washington Post – It wasn’t long after the Border Patrol car pulled her over that she entered into a panic attack, vomiting and then eventually fainting.

On the side of a road in Miami Beach, the federal agents had repeatedly told her, “We just need you to come with us.”

Her kids, both teenagers, were crying, begging the agents not to take away their mother.

Yet that’s what appears to have happened to the undocumented woman on Sunday, according to advocates who had spoken to her family, as authorities called the ambulance and then followed her to a nearby hospital.

The agents stayed with her inside the emergency room for nearly five hours on Sunday, refusing to budge even as doctors and nurses came to ask her questions and give her medication.

Thomas Kennedy, who filmed videos documenting the incident, told The Washington Post the incident raises questions about the line — or lack thereof — between immigration enforcement and emergency medical care.

He declined to name the woman out of concern for her safety.

“A hospital should be a place where a patient is protected from interrogation,” Kennedy, the political director at the Florida Immigrant Coalition, said in an interview. “You shouldn’t have a Border Patrol agent right there with you while you’re getting treatment.”

High-profile incidents in recent years have drawn attention to Border Patrol’s role in hospitals along the U.S.-Mexico border, where agents have allegedly handcuffed asylum seekers to their beds or rushed migrants to the emergency room after they’ve gotten sick in detention …

The woman, her ex-husband, and two children were driving home from Haulover Beach Park when they were pulled over by a Border Patrol car, its sirens ringing.

She is in the U.S. illegally, officials said.

Upon apprehending the woman, Border Patrol took her to nearby Aventura Hospital and Medical Center, less than 30 minutes north of downtown Miami, where an agent insisted on remaining inside Emergency Room No. 26 as she received medical attention … Read more. 


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