“I think he’s at peace.”

The Bushes were the longest married couple in presidential history

(Sam Gillette, People) “On April 17, 2018, Barbara Pierce Bush spent her final hours the way she wanted: holding hands with the love of her life,” former president George W. Bush, 71, writes.

“Before Mom left this Earth, she said her soul was settled. She believed in God and Heaven above. And she knew that one day her soulmate, George H.W. Bush, would join her there for eternity.”

George and Barbara, by granddaughter Ellie LeBlond Sosa, follows the couple’s relationship that spanned more than seven decades.

“I think he’s at peace … “

“The longest-married Presidential couple in history has been an inspiration and example to Laura and me, to my siblings, and — I like to think — to many of our fellow citizens,” George W. Bush writes.

Sosa — whose mom is George H.W. and Barbara’s youngest child, Dorothy Bush Koch — has also been inspired by her grandparents’ love story.

“A year ago I interviewed [my grandmother] for the first time and my first question to her was, ‘What’s the secret sauce? What’s the secret to your marriage?” Sosa said during an interview with FOX & Friends.

“She says, ‘Well I was in love and I am in love, so that’s not hard.’ So that’s it, you just have to love each other.”

Since Barbara’s death at the age of 92, George H.W. Bush, 93, has been in and out of the hospital.

But that hasn’t stopped him from supporting his family.

“Enjoying a great book and a wonderful walk down memory lane this morning,” George H.W. Bush tweeted on Friday. “Yet another reminder of just how lucky I have been in life. Very proud of the author and co-author too.”

Despite Barbara’s death and George’s ill health, the couple’s love story isn’t over.

“I was in Maine this weekend. I was with [my grandfather] in the hospital and he’s getting better every day,” Sosa said.

“I think he’s at peace. We all know my grandmother is in heaven and he knows he’ll be there with her one day.”

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