“I Don’t Do Needles,” She Said, And Her Fate Was Sealed

Woman dies after refusing medical advice as she “didn’t do needles”

| Metro – Natasha Horne, 20, kept her Type 1 diabetes diagnosis a secret and refused to follow medical advice which would have let her live a normal life.

Now her heartbroken parents aim to ensure her death isn’t in vain by spreading awareness of, and raising funds for, diabetes issues.

Her mother, Jackie, 43, and father Stephen, 44, described how Tasha’s reluctance to acknowledge her illness had tragic consequences.

Jacki said: “She was opinionated but she’d do anything for anybody. If friends didn’t have money for lunch at school, she’d buy it for them because she’d rather go without. Everybody knew her. She did what she did and people knew the way she was.”

After leaving school, she briefly went to college and tried various jobs, but was still trying to find her path.

Last year, however, her world turned upside down when Jackie, a pharmacy manager, persuaded her to be tested for diabetes.

Through her job knowledge, Jackie saw the signs – things like weight loss, excessive thirst and going to the toilet during the night – and insisted she was tested.

Within hours, on October 16 last year, she’d been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, where her body wasn’t producing enough insulin to combat ketones – organic compounds which usually lie dormant but can attack the body.

Type 1 diabetes is perfectly manageable with regular insulin injections. But Tasha, although reluctantly cooperative at the start, quickly retreated: ‘I don’t do needles,’ she said.

Not even a special cannula, meaning she didn’t have to insert the needle directly into the skin, helped.

Tash, who was Eston Park prom queen in 2014 but who’d been overweight at school, started losing weight about two years ago – ‘my first thought was ‘is she taking drugs?’, admitted Jackie … Read more at metro.co.uk


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