Hurricane Irma: What to Know If You Have Loved Ones in Florida

Orlando hospitals prep …

(NASEEM MILLER, ORLANDO SENTINEL) From a hospital email statement:

Irma is being called one of the most powerful hurricanes ever recorded. IMAGE: NOAA’s National Hurricane Center

“Florida Hospital has started preparing for the storm as we have a responsibility to provide excellent care no matter the weather.

“At this point, we have begun proactive preparations across the Central Region. We are preparing all structures, clearing roofs of debris, deploying sandbags where necessary, readying generators, and stockpiling supplies of food, water and fuel.

“The safety of our patients, visitors and employees is of the utmost importance.” READ FULL STORY AT ORLANDO SENTINEL

Naples area hospitals, nursing homes activate hurricane plans as Irma advances …

(LIZ FREEMAN, NAPLES NEWS) Florida hospitals are in the early stages of hurricane preparations by ordering extra supplies, but there are no immediate changes to normal operations.

The NCH Healthcare System in Collier County conducted business as usual Tuesday, and a meeting of hospital directors is planned for Wednesday to evaluate the next step, NCH spokeswoman Debbie Curry said.

“NCH is ordering supplies and food according to the hurricane plan,” she said. “We are increasing communication, and we are following the developments as they occur.”

In previous years with hurricanes approaching, hospitals often canceled elective surgeries and discharged patients who no longer needed hospital care, but none of those steps are in place yet, she said. NCH operates the Downtown Baker and North Naples hospitals with a combined 716 beds.

Physicians Regional Healthcare System, with campuses at Pine Ridge Road and Collier Boulevard with a combined 201 beds, has not canceled any elective surgeries, nor have the hospitals begun discharging patients who no longer need to be hospitalized, Physicians Regional spokesman Marti Van Veen said.

“We are closely monitoring the storm and will cancel elective surgeries and other procedures as we are more certain of the path of the storm.” READ FULL STORY AT NAPLES DAILY NEWS 

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