Human Feces Map: San Francisco Is One Giant Shithole

Homeless people at Fisherman’s Wharf. Image: Lowlifes Tv, CC BY 2.0

Homeless residents are leaving a lot more than their heart in the city by the bay 

By Greg Norman | Fox News

Watch where you step in San Francisco.

A new map pinpointing the locations where human feces have been found shows San Francisco has a staggering problem with the stinky stuff.

Nearly every city block has had a poop sighting in recent years as the city grapples with homelessness.

The largest concentration of complaints was in the area of Market St., where companies such as Twitter and Uber are headquartered.

Nearly a hundred markers were clustered around City Hall.

Sightings have increased dramatically since 2011. That year, 5,547 human feces incidents were reported. The number rose to 28,084 in 2018. Read more. 

Travel association blames homeless crisis for stalling San Francisco tourism

“The main problem is complaints about the city’s homeless and street hygiene problems.”

By Adam Brinklow, Feb 26, 2018

San Francisco tourism slumped in 2017, and the San Francisco Travel Association says that a one-two punch of the city’s ongoing homeless crisis and the United States in general’s declining public image in other countries is to blame.

SFTA—a non-profit dedicated to coaxing tourism to the city on behalf of the businesses that make up its membership, said in its annual report that 25.5 million people visited the city last year.

That’s actually an improvement over 2016’s 25.1 million, but the increase of just 1.4 percent year over year is fairly blah by San Francisco standards, and also lower than SFTA’s early 2017 prediction of 25.6 million, which it later tapered down in an adjusted projection released later in the year after it was evident that the numbers just weren’t there.

SFTA CEO Joe D’Alessandro pointed the finger at a number of factors, including the ongoing work at Moscone Center which meant forgoing some big-ticket conventions last year. But the main problem is complaints about the city’s homeless and street hygiene problems. Read more.



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