Howard Stern Recovering After Poisoning Scare

Dr. David Agus Gets A Special Stern Show Thank You

Cutting back on one food solved Howard Stern’s mercury poisoning crisis 

( Howard Stern shared personal health news on his show recently.

“I was eating salmon for lunch every day.” He often had fish for dinner, too.

The initial concern was Howard’s drop in white blood cells.

Then Dr. David Agus recommended Howard look into his mercury levels.

Normal mercury levels range from 0 to 9, but Howard’s came back at an astonishing 33.

“Turns out ****ing fish are ***holes!” Howard joked. “These fish were getting back at me for eating them.”

Howard still eats seafood two to three times a week but other than that he’s on a plant-based diet.

“Eggplant better not have mercury in it,” he said with a laugh.

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