As Obamacare Rx Prices Skyrocket, How To Save 90%

The Independent – As insulin prices soar to new heights, some Americans have decided to cross the Canadian border to obtain cheaper meds.

Folks from Minnesota who are part of the #Insulin4All initiative organized a “Caravan to Canada”, driving five hours to purchase insulin for $30 a vial rather than the $300 they would pay in the US.

Nicole Smith-Holt, whose adult son Alec died of type 1 diabetes and as he could not afford insulin, accompanied the group in his memory. She said:

“My trip to Canada was in memory of Alec. If I had known that it was perfectly legal to purchase and bring back to the US, I would have made the trip two years ago when he had no insurance and was facing a bill of $1,300 a month for insulin and supplies.”

Quinn Nystrom, one of the women involved with Caravan to Canada, told CBC: “I almost felt walking out of that pharmacy like I was robbing the pharmacy. I just couldn’t believe it.”

Insulin prices in the US have skyrocketed, but the phenomenon does not exist in Canada where the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board restricts how much a company can charge for patented medicines … Read more.


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