How To Legally Open A Fire Hydrant

Hydrants can be opened legally if equipped with a City-approved spray cap. One illegally opened hydrant generally releases more than 1,000 gallons of water per minute, while a hydrant with a spray cap releases 20 to 25 gallons per minute. Spray caps can be obtained by an adult 18 or over, free of charge, at local firehouses. SOURCE: The City of New York

How To Open Fire Hydrants In NYC And Do It Legally

HuffPost – One of the most enduring and mesmerizing tropes in New York City photography is that of kids dancing around in the spray of opened fire hydrants, cooling off from the cement-compounded heat of the sticky city summer.

What’s the best way to open a fire hydrant?

The Department of Environmental Protection reminds New Yorkers that it’s technically illegal—unless you have a city-approved spray cap.

And these are easy to get!

Spray caps can be obtained legally by an adult at your local firehouse.

A firefighter will even come to your block’s fire hydrant (there are 109,000 in New York) and open it for you. Source. 

Cops Can’t Stop Laughing Over Kid Selling “ICE COLD BEER”

Dangerous heat wave

Hundreds of thousands without power from Michigan to New York

Fox News – As the heatwave gripped much of the country on Sunday, power outages reported in multiple states left hundreds of thousands of customers in the dark.

Crews were working to restore power after heavy storms over two days knocked out power for more than 800,000 Michigan homes and businesses.

Two utilities said it could take until Wednesday to restore power for everyone. Beat the Heatwave, Kick Off a Healthy Summer

Detroit-based DTE Energy said Sunday afternoon that roughly 600,000 customers were affected because of storms in southeast Michigan Friday and Saturday.

Officials said it’s the largest storm to hit the region in years.

Their estimate on outages grew throughout the day as crews worked.

The weather downed more than 2,000 lines.

Don’t live in the city? An ordinary lawn sprinkler will do the trick.

The utility said it had restored power to 250,000 customers and was expected to restore all power by Wednesday.

Jackson-based Consumers Energy said roughly 220,000 customers overall were affected.

The utility said it hoped to restore power to everyone by Tuesday.

The utility said the storms downed more than 2,600 wires. Read more. 

Or this.


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