How Stupid Do They Think We Are? Top Grocery Store Scams

40 Ways Grocery Stores Are Scamming You

By Meagan Morris, Aug 6, 2018

Eat This, Not That! – Thanks to the psychological tricks of manufacturers, you’re likely getting cheated—or at least manipulated into spending more—every time you walk in the door of a grocery store.

We’ve compiled the most common scams supermarkets use to drain you of cash so that you can be a bit more aware of what happens when you walk down the aisles.

Check ’em out, and then think about your own habits.

1. Hot, Fresh Fibs for Sale

Many grocers have an on-site bakery that bakes bread, donuts, and other pastries from scratch. But others simply cook up frozen dough sent from outside manufacturers. “They arrive raw and we bake them and package them,” one Costco employee wrote on Reddit of the store’s cookies.

“We do bake plenty of stuff from scratch (the ‘Birthday’ cakes, apple pies, pumpkin pies, etc.) but some items are brought in from outside and just thawed and packaged or baked and packaged.” So while you think you’re money is being spent on fresh items, you’re really just shelling out cash for previously-frozen goods.

2. Something Fishy

You know that wild-caught seafood is better than farm-raised, but many grocers are pulling a fast one by saying farm-raised is actually wild. And that’s not the worst of it; at some sketchy stores, the seafood you think you’re buying is actually something else. Is that salmon really wild? We have the answer.

For example, it’s possible that the “scallops” are actually just punched out from the bodies of white fish. Talk about some fishy grocery store scams!

3. Not-So-Nice Spices

Spice fraud is pretty rampant around the world, especially given that some of the rarer spices go for big money. It’s not unheard of for spices like paprika to actually be made from leftovers of other spices. This can pose a serious health risk if you think you’re getting one spice but it’s something else.

4. Watered-Down Juice

It’s actually really simple for food manufacturers to water down juice without anyone being the wiser. According to the U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention’s Food Fraud Database, orange juice is one of the main waterlogged juices … Read more. 


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