Alec Baldwin Ordered Into Mental Health Counseling

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Needs to learn when to shut his mouth | PLUS: How to keep your stress from becoming toxic, according to Mayo Clinic

(AFP) Chronic hothead Alec Baldwin on Wednesday pleaded guilty to a harassment charge stemming from a parking spot tussle, and agreed to attend a short-term anger management program.

The New York actor — whose impersonation of Donald Trump on the sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live earned him an Emmy award — was released on conditional discharge after the Manhattan court hearing.

Baldwin, 60, is due back on March 27 for a compliance update on his anger management class. Woman’s Obit Blames Trump for Death, Paper Won’t Run It

He was arrested in November after punching a 49-year-old man in the face during a New York parking dispute, police said.

The younger man has already parked his vehicle and was attempting to buy a parking ticket prior to the dispute.

Baldwin was initially charged with harassment and assault, but following negotiations with the prosecutor pleaded guilty to the lesser harassment charge.

The actor, who gave no statement as he left the courthouse, is well-known for his strong personality and hot temper.

In 2014, he was detained by New York police for riding his bicycle the wrong way down a street.

In late 2013, NBC scrapped his late-night chat show after he allegedly subjected a photographer to a homophobic slur outside his apartment on the day that a Canadian actress convicted of stalking him was jailed.

And in 2011, he was thrown off a plane for “extremely rude” behavior after refusing to turn his cell phone off.

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Mayo Clinic Minute:

Signs that your stress is becoming toxic

Mayo Clinic News Network – Stress is a normal physical and psychological response to the everyday demands of life. Small amounts of stress can motivate you to face daily challenges. But when stress becomes too much to manage, it can be unhealthy.

Everyone experiences stressful times, but can you tell when stress is becoming toxic?

“I think some key signs are when we’re not able to do our important life activities, like if we’re not able to remember our appointments or work, procrastinating on important things like paying our bills or buying groceries, or attending to our family matters,” says Dr. Beth Rush, a Mayo Clinic neuropsychologist.

When stress reaches a point where a person no longer can function in a meaningful way, it might be a sign of something more severe, says Dr. Rush. And you should see a health care provider.

“Something serious may be going on, like anxiety or depression, which needs to be treated and evaluated.”

She says stress can be unpredictable, and it’s important to take care of yourself.

“Sleep, eat well, make sure you’re exercising,” says Dr. Rush. “Look for signs of stress in yourself. Manage your emotions. Give yourself a timeout if you need to from activity or stimulation, or interaction.”


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