HIV, Hepatitis Feared In Botched Hospital Sanitation

CNN – More than a thousand surgical patients at Goshen Hospital in Indiana may have been exposed to HIV, hepatitis C and hepatitis B after an error in the sanitizing procedure for surgical equipment, according to a press release from Goshen Health.

One step in a multistep cleaning process was missed by a technician, possibly contaminating the surgical equipment, said Liz Fisher, marketing specialist for Goshen Health.

The hospital identified 1,182 surgical patients between April and September of 2019 who may have been impacted, Fisher said.

Those who may have been exposed were sent notification letters and are being offered free testing for the viruses, according to Fisher.

The hospital maintains that those patients who may have been affected constitute a “small subset,” that the risk of exposure is “extremely low,” and that the free testing for the viruses is being offered “out of an abundance of caution … ” Read more. 


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