Hillary Clinton Tells Anderson Cooper How She Coped With Stress of Losing

You won’t believe what she did to keep her sanity after losing to Trump …

(KIM WEEKS, CHICAGO TRIBUNE) Hillary Clinton revealed this week that she turned to an esoteric breathing technique popular among yogis to heal from a stunning election loss.

Meditation, yoga, and this odd breathing technique help Hillary keep it together. Photo by Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

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She has spoken in the past about using meditation and yoga for calm and balance. During an interview Wednesday with CNN’s Anderson Cooper to promote her new campaign memoir, she explained and demonstrated alternate nostril breathing, or nadi shodhana in Sanskrit. She said the practice is “very relaxing” and urged Cooper to try it.

She said the practice is “very relaxing” and urged Cooper to try it.

By bringing this kind of breath work into the mainstream, Clinton has introduced the world to a practice with proven mental and physical health benefits.

Yoga in general, and yoga breathing practices, calm the mind and the body. In nadi shodhana, the process of alternating breathing between the right and left nostril also helps balance the right and left brain, right and left lungs, and right and left sides of the body.

Alternate nostril breathing can slow a rapid heart rate and lower blood pressure, according to a Jan. 21, 2013, article in Medical Science Monitor. It can clear toxins and respiratory systems — “shodhana” translates to “purification” and “nadi” to “channels,” so the intent of the practice is to cleanse different systems of the mind and body.

Research has also shown that this type of breathing exercise can significantly increase the effectiveness of the parasympathetic nervous system, or the “rest-and-digest” system that automatically kicks in when we relax or sleep to help restore our body’s equilibrium.

But in our hectic, daily lives, when our bodies are in a perpetual state of fight or flight, this calmer part of ourselves is harder to activate. SEE THE FULL STORY AT CHICAGO TRIBUNE.

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