Here’s Your Invitation To The Libido Party

A checklist of issues that may be interfering with your sexual drive, and what you can do to help.

By gynecologist Dr. Jen Gunter, June 19, 2019

| The New York Times

“Any hope for diminished (or nonexistent) sexual desire in a postmenopausal woman?” — SW

Short Take

Yes! While some women do report a decreased libido with menopause there are some interventions to consider, depending on the cause.

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Libido is complex and depends on emotional, psychological and physical factors. It can also change over time. Seeking sexual satisfaction is also not the only reason someone might agree to or initiate a sexual encounter with their partner.

For example, emotional intimacy, sharing mutual pleasure, bonding and many other reasons often become valid motivators for sex, especially in a long-term relationship …

Relationship issues are often the cause of a loss of interest in sex, especially for women who need emotional intimacy for their sexual response cycle.

A family therapist, psychologist or sex therapist may be helping in identifying relationship issues and help devise a strategy for working on those concerns.

Pain with sexual activity should also be addressed. If sex is painful, losing interest is an expected consequence. Painful sex: Why women put up with it, and what can be done

In this case, a visit to a gynecologist or other provider familiar with the physical changes of menopause and managing pain with sexual activity is in order.

While low estrogen from menopause is a common cause of pain with sex, there are many other possible causes.

Stress and lack of sleep can be part of a libido problem. If someone has a higher sex drive while on vacation, then situational factors and sources of stress should be considered.

Some blood pressure medications and antidepressants can negatively affect libido. If you take medications for these reasons ask your health care provider or pharmacist if they could have sexual side effects.

Things to Try

Learning about the mind-body connection libido-wise has been proven to be helpful for many women … Read more.