Here’s Why You Should Be Having Sex in the Morning

Boost your energy level, decrease blood pressure

(DANIELLE ZICKL, MEN’S HEALTH) If you dread waking up in the mornings, we’ve got a way to make them a whole lot better.

Photo by LyndaSanchez CC

It turns out that having sex when you wake up has been shown to boost your mood and energy level, and decrease your blood pressure, according to research from Forza Supplements.

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The company monitored the body clocks of 1,000 people, and participants were asked to log the times where they saw the most benefit out of daily activities like exercising, eating lunch, and having sex.

Most people surveyed reported that 7:30 a.m. was the best time to have sex because they felt less stressed afterwards. As a bonus, men’s testosterone levels are highest in the morning, meaning you’ll likely last longer.

The rest of your day should look a little like this, based on Forza Supplements’ findings in The Sun. READ THE FULL STORY AT MEN’S HEALTH