Health Reports On Vaping Keep Getting Worse

E-cig flavors can damage blood vessels 

By Michael Nedelman, May 28, 2019

| CNN – E-cigarette flavors can damage the cells that line your blood vessels and perhaps your heart health down the line, according to a new study of human cells in the lab.

The study, published Monday in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, adds to growing evidence that the flavored “e-liquids” used in vapes can hinder human cells’ ability to survive and function.

The authors say these changes, some observed in the absence of nicotine, are known to play a role in heart disease.

“The public has this notion that e-cigarettes are safe,” said study author Dr. Joseph Wu, director of the Stanford Cardiovascular Institute and a professor in the medical school’s departments of medicine and radiology.

Experts say this belief stems not just from the presence of fewer cancer-causing chemicals than combustible cigarettes, but also from the fact that many vaping products are sold in sweet or fruity flavors that may appear harmless.

Wu said:

“As a result of this perception, a lot of kids pick up e-cigarette smoking. There’s so many kids who are smoking e-cigarettes. And these kids are going to become adults. And these adults can become elderly patients that I as a cardiologist will take care of later on.”

The US Food and Drug Administration announced in November that vaping had increased nearly 80% among high schoolers and 50% among middle schoolers since the year before.

Experts also worry that the devices could put kids’ developing brains at risk, get them hooked on nicotine early in life and be a gateway to smoking and other drugs. But the long-term effects aren’t clear.

In the new study, which included six e-liquids with varying nicotine concentrations, Wu’s team found evidence of toxic effects — including poorer cell survival and signs of increased inflammation — on a type of cardiovascular cell. Read more. 

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