Has Years Of Eye Makeup Harmed Your Vision?

Eye Makeup Dangerous for Your Vision?

By Dr. Manny

there are a few dangers to using a lot of eye makeup.

Without proper care, teens and women might find themselves with blurry vision, teary eyes, or even worse—eye infections.

That look would hardly get them any positive attention.

Not only should young women learn to love and be themselves, they should also learn how to apply eye makeup safely.

One recent study brought this topic of makeup health to light, prompting experts to recommend a few guidelines.

This study, headed by Dr. Alison Ng from the University of Waterloo, looked specifically at the dangers of eye liner.

Since liner is typically worn very close to the eye, the researchers suspected a tight correlation with bacterial infections and harmed vision.

In this study, Dr. Ng tested three volunteers in their upper 20s who did not have any known eye infections.

The researchers used eye liner with glitter to observe the particles more easily. Then, the volunteers applied eye liner either inside or outside their lash lines.

The next day, the participants returned to use the application opposite from the previous day.

In the end, the study found that 15–30 percent more eye liner moved into the eye when the women applied it within their lash lines.

How Makeup Affects the Eyes

Most of the time, women are looking for makeup that will stay on their eyes all day long. To deliver on this promise, makeup companies often use ingredients that literally stick to the skin.

As a side effect, however, these products can also stick to the eyes if makeup starts migrating throughout the day.

The makeup and its potentially harmful ingredients might just end up in the eye, causing discomfort, redness, and blurry vision.

That discomfort from the makeup can last several minutes. In the above study, Dr. Ng and the researchers observed a thin film that covered the participants’ eyes … Read more.