Harry Reid: Like His Pal McCain, Bitter To The End

Dying Reid picks up where Senate buddy John McCain left off

| Spews pure hate for Trump: “loser,” “liar,” “con man,” “human leech”

(Kaylee McGhee, Liberty Headlines) Former Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid said he has “trouble accepting [President Donald Trump] as a person,” wistfully adding that he wishes former President George W. Bush would return to the White House “every day.”

“There’s no question in my mind that George Bush would be Babe Ruth in this league that he’s in with Donald Trump in the league. Donald Trump wouldn’t make the team,” Reid told CNN. “He [Bush] and I had our differences, but no one ever questioned his patriotism. Our battles were strictly political battles.”

Reid, who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, said he “does not have long to live.”

“My time has come and gone as being a Senator. I, of course, watch the news, read papers very closely. I miss the battle, but I understand that, that’s not for me now,” he said.

Still, Reid has been loudly critical of Trump since he took office, calling the president a “loser,” “liar,” “con man,” “human leech,” “the big fat guy” and “the worst president in history.”

“Frankly, I don’t see anything he’s doing right,” Reid continued.

Reid admitted that Democrats’ calls for impeachment are a “waste of time” because Senate Republicans “are so afraid of Trump that they’re not going to get involved in this.”

If Democrats did decide to move forward with articles of impeachment, however, Reid said it’s unlikely they’ll face backlash.

“The vast majority of people know something’s wrong with Trump,” he said, without elaborating on what evidence he had.

Reid notoriously took to the Senate floor during the 2012 race to suggest that he was aware of damaging information that then-candidate Mitt Romney had dodged taxes for 10 years.

When the innuendo proved false, he justified it by saying, “Romney didn’t win, did he?”

Trump responded to Reid’s interview on Twitter, blasting him for his “failed career.”

Disgraced former CIA Director John Brennan, whose outlandish anti-Trump commentary resulted in the revocation of his security clearance last August, defended Reid on Twitter, calling the president “selfish” for defending himself against the decrepit former senator’s assault: