Half Of All Hunters Are At Risk For This Condition

Loba Outdoors Team

Fact 1: Just One Shot Can Give you Hearing Damage

Hunters who don’t wear hearing protection can suffer significant hearing loss with even one shot.

Fact 2: Hunters are at High Risk

Many hunters shirk hearing protection so they can hear game. The truth is, today’s hearing protection devices allow you to hear the soft sounds, but protect your ears when a loud sound happens.

Fact 3: Only 50% of those Target Shooting Wear Hearing Protection

Experts recommend you double up on hearing protection when practicing – like wearing earplugs under a pair of muffs. (Story continues below … )


Fact 4: It doesn’t have to be a Big Gun to cause Big Problems

Almost all firearms create noise that is over the hearing damage level of 140-dB.

Fact 5: Hearing Loss from Shooting can be Permanent

Hunters can develop something known as high-frequency hearing loss, making certain sounds unclear and the speech of others sound like mumbling. You can also develop tinnitus, or ringing in the ears. Both of these issues can be permanent. Read more.


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