We hacked Starbucks ‘Medicine Ball’ cold remedy, and it’s delicious

Enjoy the famous cold and flu remedy without actually going to Starbucks

Some boycott Starbucks, some can’t get through a day without it. We just want the recipe for delicious cold & flu remedy.

(Headline Health) “Maybe we should boycott Starbucks. I don’t know,” candidate Donald Trump told a an enthusiastic crowd while campaigning in Springfield, Illinois.

While many Americans have embraced Trump’s call for a Starbucks boycott, others continue to flock to the coffee king’s ever-growing list of retail outlets. And word is getting around about one particular Starbucks concoction that’s actually 100% coffee-free: the ‘Medicine Ball’.

Rumor has it that the the ‘Medicine Ball’ actually brings serious relief for those suffering from cold and flu. Hundreds have even called it a lifesaver that really helped them get through serious cases of the sniffles.

That’s why we’re teaming up with other health enthusiasts to find out what’s really in the ‘Medicine Ball’ so we can make it in the comfort of our own home. Here’s the hacked recipe using easy-to-find ingredients.

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DIY cold remedy: How to make a Starbucks ‘Medicine Ball’ drink at home

(Mike Timmermann, Clark.com) If you’re coming down with a cold, you’ll try just about anything to get rid of the sore throat, cough, sneezing and runny nose.

Whenever I start to feel under the weather, I Google things like “How long will a cold last?” and “How do I get rid of a cold fast?” as if it’s the first time I’ve been sick.

Although there is no cure for the common cold, there are plenty of treatments to help you fight it.

How to make this Starbucks cold-busting drink at home

Earlier this year, I learned about a tea-based drink at Starbucks nicknamed the Medicine Ball or Cold Buster, which some people claim temporarily relieves their cold symptoms.

There are hundreds of pictures on Instagram from people who say the beverage is a lifesaver!

The secret menu item became such a hit with cold sufferers that the customer creation was added to the regular menu and officially named Honey Citrus Mint Tea.

Starbucks shared the recommended recipe with Clark.com:

  • 1 Venti cup (20 ounces) with half hot water and half steamed lemonade
  • 1 bag of Teavana Jade Citrus Mint Tea
  • 1 bag of Teavana Peach Tranquility Tea
  • Packet of honey
  • Pump of peppermint (optional)

If you went to Starbucks and bought this drink every day for a week — which is how long the common cold typically lasts — it would cost you more than $20.

Team Clark picked up all the ingredients for $10 by substituting less expensive brands of tea:

  • Tazo Refresh Mint Tea, 20 bags: $2.49 (sale)
  • Celestial Seasonings Country Peach Passion Tea, 20 bags: $2.27
  • Simply Lemonade: $2.69
  • Pure Honey Bear: $3.09
  • Optional: Starbucks steams its lemonade for this drink. You can buy a handheld milk frother on Amazon for less than $10 or borrow one from someone you know! [We just put it in the microwave. – Editor]

Starbucks Medicine Ball vs. DIY tea

Have you tried the Starbucks Medicine Ball or a homemade version? Let us know if it helped you feel better by leaving a comment on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments below. Displayed with permission from Clark.com via Repubhub.

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