Guys: How To Avoid Dreaded “Shrinkage”

Use it or lose it, gents …

By Miranda Larbi, Mar 21 2019

The Sun (UK) OUR bodies all change with age. Our ears get longer, our skin starts to droop and our muscle mass takes a nose dive.

But one thing you probably didn’t know was that your wee willy can actually shrink as the years pass by.

Thankfully there are a few things you can do to try to halt the ravages of time down below:

1. Have more sex

Harvard Medical School experts say you’ve got to “use it or lose it”.

“Some research suggests that when the organ is flaccid for long periods of time — and therefore deprived of a lot of oxygen-rich blood — the low oxygen level causes some muscle cells to lose their flexibility and gradually change into something akin to scar tissue,” their report said.

2. Give things a trim

No one’s suggesting you go to get a wax but keeping your bits looking neat and clean may help transform your performance.

There have been loads of studies linking positive self-image with increased sexual satisfaction.

3. Keep cool

It’s not just your todger that gets small with age; after 40, your testicles also start to shrink.

To slow their decline, try keeping them cool.

Wear boxers rather than briefs so you’re getting more air up there and avoid very tight trousers which may restrict blood flow.

4. Lose weight

A bulging waist-line won’t just put you more at risk of heart problems, diabetes, cancer, and fatty liver disease.

Carrying extra padding can make your todger look smaller. But If It  Looks Like This, This, or This, Show A Doctor

5. Drink more water

Great for the skin and kidney function, drinking enough water is also crucial to maintaining male genital health.

When you’re properly hydrated, you also produce more of a hormone called angiotensin, which has been found to be deficient in men struggling with erectile dysfunction.

6. Quit smoking

Smoking is responsible for a ton of diseases and conditions. Cancer aside, it can also be responsible for shrinking your schmekel. Read more. 


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