Politicians Maintain Tight Grip on Americans’ Healthcare

Graham-Cassidy bill gets last-minute revision as support stalls … 


The authors of the Graham-Cassidy health care bill on Sunday appeared to make a last-minute effort to revive the GOP push to repeal and replace ObamaCare with a bill that gives more control to states through block grants.

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Sens. Collins and Murkowski areexpected to once again block the repeal, replacement, or reform of Obamacare. PHOTOS: Medill DC, Arctic Wolves, CC

The New York Times reported late Sunday that the revised bill would provide additional funding for an unnamed “high-spending low-density state”—likely Alaska.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R- AK., is one of the Republican holdouts and has said she is evaluating the bill and how it would affect her state.

Funds would also reportedly be increased for Maine.

Sen. Susan Collins, R- Maine, told CBS on Sunday that “It is hard for me to envision getting to ‘yes’ on this bill because my concerns are so fundamental.”

Collins cited the bill’s cuts in the Medicaid program for low-income people and the likelihood that it would result in many losing health coverage and paying higher premiums.

The new health care bill would undo central components of ObamaCare and replace it with block grants — or federal funds — to the states.

The bill would allow states to set their own coverage requirements, allow insurers to boost prices on people with serious medical conditions, end President Obama’s mandates that most Americans buy insurance and that companies offer coverage to workers, and cut and reshape Medicaid.

Sen. Bill Cassidy, R-La., one of the bill’s co-authors, reportedly circulated a chart Sunday that showed Alaska receiving 3 percent more funding and Maine receiving 43 percent more. The chart said the legislation’s grants would provide 14 percent more for Arizona than under Obama’s law, 4 percent more for Kentucky 49 percent more for Texas.

Sen. Rand Paul said, “Graham/Cassidy does NOT repeal ObamaCare and I oppose it. No one wants to repeal ObamaCare more than I do.” READ THE FULL STORY AT FOX NEWS.